Shared Resource Service Requirements

I want to start my project by dividing up the various things the system needs to do, then put them into the order I plan to approach them. I want to start with requirements thatare the most risky and mostimportant to success first, and work my way down the list until I finish with items that are neither risky nor important.

This approach gives me several advantages. It’s not an issue in this case since I don’t have any deadlines to meet, but if this were a professional project and a deadline had to be pushed up, I am more likely to have a product that does the most essential things. If I had a fixed deadline and the projectstarts running long, I’m more likely to have a working product that’s just missing a few less important features. In an ideal world those don’t happen, but at the end of the project the parts that were risky and/or essential have had the most time to be tested and fine-tuned as the application matures.

I could just charge in and write some code, and sometimes the results can turn out okay, but in my experience it never saves time. If anything, it just increases the chance that the project will fail. On the other hand, I don’t want to do too much design up front. I will know more and more about the problem space the further I get into the project, so the further back I can push parts of the design, the more likely I am to getthem right, or at least be close,the first time.

After a couple days of thinking and fooling around with the list, here is what I end up with in the general order I plan to approach them:

  1. Recieveevent invitations by email and send an acceptanceemail.
  2. Recordaccepted invitations, and send a rejection email when a new invitation conflicts with an existing one.
  3. If an event is cancelled, remove it from the record.
  4. If an event is rescheduled, try to accept the new time andremove the previous time.
  5. Recieve invitations for multiple resources.
  6. Users can view the schedule for resources.
  7. Administrators can view, add, edit, and remove resources or change other options for the service.
  8. Save free/busy information for all resources in a format compatible with MS Outlook.
  9. The schedule for a resource can be retrieved in the iCal format.

Shared Resource Schedule Service

I think I’ve got a new project to work on at home. We’ve got this problem at work coordinating a few shared resources in Outlook (like a couple of meeting rooms and a projector), but we couldn’t find any good solutions out there short of installing Exchange Server.

I’ve been wanting to play around with Entity Framework a bit, so this should be a good candidate. Perhaps I can slapa UI on it using Silverlight and Ria Services.